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Air Cargo Australia

Do you know that one-third of all the trade value around the world is transported by air? And its profit annually is $6.8 trillion for all of the goods that the air cargo ships? The flights’ competitive advantage is still sped and it creates expedited solutions for shipped around the world. If you live in Australia and you want to use the service of air cargo Australia, You must hire the leading air freight companies for your needs.

Things to Consider When Shipping Air Cargo Australia


# Choose a packaging type
There are a number of factors to consider when you want to get a smart package.Consider if you use boxes, will it suffice? Think about a moisture barrier is necessary or not. Check if your shipment temperature is sensitive or not. And there are many packaging types to choose and to consider.

# Choose a shipping method
Talk with your forwarder to know whether air is the best type for shipping requirements or not. You need to know best for both of you and your client. Your package can be shipped with domestic or international air to create the most economical shipment.

# Labeling
For easy identification, usually, the overseas buyer will specify which export marks need to appear on the cargo by receivers. You should discuss it to make sure the transit is smooth.

Things That You Need to Know to Ensure a Successful Air Cargo Australia Shipment


1. Rates
Air cargo measures the price of the kilogram or dimensional weight. And the values for those are greater. The air cargo service measure dimensional weight when the cargo takes up a fairly larger space. In addition, most air cargo transportation rates are valid for a few days only because of the dynamic nature of the market.
2. Transit Time
Shipping cargo via air transportation will cut the door-to-door time frame very drastic. Usually, transit time for most air cargos is one until two days for priority air shipment, three until four days for regular air shipment, and five until six days for economy air shipment.
3. Documentation
In order to clear Australia customs and the destination country’s customs, required documentation should include the packing list, house airway bill of lading, master airway bill of lading, and commercial invoice. And for some country, the customs need to be required further documentation.
4. Products Restrictions
Some products are not allowed to ship via air freight or are banned heavily. The example is many dangerous products which cannot be shipped via air freight.
5. Cargo Insurance
As usual, it is important to secure your cargo insurance on any shipment you choose, the function of cargo insurance is to protect shippers’ financial investment from any loss such as natural disaster, fire, theft, and even mishandling by carriers.
6. Procedures for Customs Entry
When your cargo has left on a transportation bond for the first airport in Australia, the licensed customs broker will submit the customs entry to clear your shipment.


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